I aim to put my interdisciplinary perspective to use in my courses, using current events, scientific discoveries, and ideas from my own research to help students connect philosophy to their own lives and the world around them. While my experience is very broad in terms of subject matter, class size, and types of students, my favorite classes are those in which I can introduce students to powerful tools and help them develop important skills, for example by using basics of probability theory to explain how to interpret the results of studies reported in the newspaper, or by using expected utility theory to discuss practical choices about medical insurance. I also focus on fostering strong writing skills and have developed many resources towards this end; some such resources can be found below.

For my full teaching statement, click here.

Sample syllabi

Modal Logic and its Applications in Philosophy

Introduction to Rational Choice

Introduction to Political Philosophy

Magic, Medicine and Science

Please feel free to adapt these syllabi for your own purposes and to email me for assignments, tests, readings, and lecture notes. If you do use one of my syllabi I would appreciate hearing how it goes!

Additional documents

Use freely.

Slides from periodic guest lecture on Voting Theory for Prof. Robert Cavalier’s Seminar in Deliberative Democracy:

Template for in-class debates

Course evaluation forms (for standard reading / writing courses):

Sample paper assignments and rubrics, designed to help students with writing

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