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Dissertation – Rationality in context: Practical guidance through a hybrid approach (2015)

MS thesis – A strengthened case for backward induction given common knowledge of rationality (2010)


Axiomatic and ecological rationality: Choosing costs and benefits (2016)

Honesty through repeated interactions (with Kevin J.S. Zollman; 2016)

Rethinking common belief, revision, and backward induction (2015)

Comparing the axiomatic and ecological approaches to rationality: Fundamental agreement theorems in SCOP (2014)

Literature Reviews

Argumentation Theory

Selected Presentations

SAET ’16: Coherence and correspondence decision criteria

ENUEM ’16: Against the process-based objection to Expected Utility Theory

Rationality and its Rivals ’15: New philosophical underpinnings for ecological rationality

GIRL ’13: Comparing axiomatic and ecological theories of rationality

GIRL ’12: Heuristics for strategy choice: A priority heuristic for games

Episteme ’11: Backward induction given common belief in rationality: The implications of AGM

Selected Working Papers

The expected inaccuracy of a credence