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Der Weg zum rationalen Entscheiden, abgekürzt

Helpful Rationality Assessments

Interview with Kevin Zollman for The Reasoner


Bayes and Hurwicz without Bernoulli (with Simon Grant and Jack Stecher, 2020)

Naturalism, Tractability, and the Adaptive Toolbox (2019)

The Logic of Probabilistic Knowledge (2019). View official version online here.

Hybrid Vigor: Coherence and Correspondence Criteria for Heuristics (2018)

Comparing the axiomatic and ecological approaches to rationality: Fundamental agreement theorems in SCOP (2018)

Axiomatic and ecological rationality: Choosing costs and benefits (2016)

Honesty through repeated interactions (with Kevin J.S. Zollman; 2016)

Rethinking common belief, revision, and backward induction (2015)

Literature Reviews

Argumentation Theory


Dissertation – Rationality in context: Practical guidance through a hybrid approach (2015)

MS thesis – A strengthened case for backward induction given common knowledge of rationality (2010)

Selected Presentations

SAET ’16: Coherence and correspondence decision criteria

ENUEM ’16: Against the process-based objection to Expected Utility Theory

GIRL ’12: Heuristics for strategy choice: A priority heuristic for games

Episteme ’11: Backward induction given common belief in rationality: The implications of AGM